Emilia on discovering Pakistan
May 17, 2017
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Emilia on discovering Pakistan



Being the wife of the Hungarian Ambassador to Pakistan Istvan Szabo, and being Consul herself, we sat down with Emilia Szabo to talk about her life and stay in Pakistan thus far.

“Frankly speaking, my first reaction was not positive,” says Emilia. “If I met someone and I told them that we live in Pakistan they would say ‘Oh my God! My dear! How can you live there?’ For they only know what they see on International media and these are always the negative news. But after I came here, within three months my impression totally changed, first of all because of the people who are so friendly, so thoughtful and so open-minded. They immediately react with kindness, immediately hug you even if they don’t have time and they are busy, yet they are always so hospitable. I’m so happy here.”







“Secondly, I discovered that this country has tremendous beauties, it’s a fantastic country that can be a tourist paradise, if only the security issues could be improved,” adds Emilia. “You have these beautiful mountains and cities like Lahore which are full of history & culture and through our eyes the average people of Hungary get to see another image of Pakistan.”

“What I mean to say is that we are, I mean my husband is not only the Ambassador for Hungary but an Ambassador for Pakistan as well.”

And that is a beautiful thought to culminate Emilia’s reflections on Pakistan.




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