High-life in Pakistan by Regula Bubb
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High-life in Pakistan by Regula Bubb

What initially started as a blog for her friends around the world, evolved into spectacular book capturing the cultural diversity of Pakistani society under the title “High-Life in Pakistan”.

“My Pakistani friends opened first their doors and then their hearts and a whole new world of music and color for me. Pakistan knows how to match food for the soul with food for the stomach – a generous and sensual match,” says Regula. “I wanted to show how the personal side of Pakistani people, how deeply human, how generous, welcoming and warmhearted they are, something all foreigners immediately can relate to.”


By intricately entwining the comical encounters with ironic realities, Regula beautifully portrays the paradoxical anatomy of the Pakistani Society. The book is surprisingly insightful for even most Pakistanis.

“My Pakistani friends tell me, they like to read my book so much as it makes them laugh, looking into a mirror and finding a lot of characteristics and funny sides of themselves that they were not aware of.”

With a book so versatile and captivating, it is destined to become the go-to guide for all expats traveling to Pakistan in years to come.

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